Meet Carlos Garcia, Also Known As El Consultor de America: The Successful Business Consultant With Over A Decade Of Experience Who Is Helping Business Owners To Improve Their Business Results 

Carlos Garcia, also known as El Consultor de América, is quite an amazing businessman. Long time ago he found his calling and his greatest talent: helping others save their businesses. Therefore, he became a successful business consultant who is completely involved in the entire process in the short, medium and long term of each company. Carlos helps hundreds of people to build a successful business, to improve the productivity of existing businesses and even to save companies from bankruptcy or closure.

He is also the founder of Consul Group, a brand that represents a conglomerate of companies from different business areas such as Consulting, Education, Finance, Entertainment, Audiovisual Production, Technology and many others. In addition, Carlos is the CEO of Consul International Group, an American company dedicated to small and medium business consulting based in Miami, FL. But that ‘s not all!

“I’m the director of Consul Business School, a business school that has the purpose of training business consultants around the world, the director and host of “El Consultor”, a reality show that shows the entire transformation process of a company, and the leader of the “Salvando Negocios” social program, which seeks to promote the development and growth of small companies that do not have the financial resources to hire consulting services”, Carlos explains.

After more than a decade helping companies from different sectors, Carlos has been able to identify that the biggest problems for business owners come from the mismanagement of their companies, and for this reason he has founded from scratch all his business, with the main intention of helping others to improve their business results!

What’s more, Carlos has created and trained a multicultural team of business consultants in more than 20 countries, whose exceptional training is designed to promote small and medium-sized companies, in order to position and consolidate them as successful businesses.

“My true purpose in this world is to transform the lives of families through the development and growth of their businesses. I decided to start my own business many years ago because I wanted to build the life I wanted where I could control my time to have the freedom to enjoy my life with my family and loved ones”, he adds.

To get to where he is today, Carlos has had to face difficulties including starting again in 2015 in the United States after having had great growth and positioning in his native country, Venezuela. 

What differentiates Carlos and his business from others in the consulting industry is that he created an innovative method called PAOM™, that simplifies the understanding of business with which they have saved hundreds of companies and trained hundreds of consultants worldwide. In addition, his methodology is the only one that exists in the world and was created over 10 years ago!

“My unique method transforms the reality of companies in an integral way in its 4 dimensions: Product, Administration, Operations and Marketing, as I explain in my book “Salvando Negocios”, Carlos details.

Carlos advises all people who are looking to start a new company to create it with the main purpose of helping others, because that way success is guaranteed. Also, he advises them not to be affected by the negative comments of others since that only limits the growth of any entrepreneur.

“For me, success means continuous growth. I consider myself a very successful person because every day I work really hard to have greater growth than the day before. Success for me is growing daily on a personal, spiritual, professional, family and business level. Success is not a destination where you arrive. Success is achieving the goals you set for yourself daily!”, he shares.

Though Carlos is already working incredibly hard with his consulting business, he is not planning on slowing down anytime soon. In fact, he has big goals for this years to come  as he describes them below:

“I will share my methodology in 100 countries to transform a million companies. I will also create a foundation that helps save thousands of businesses across America, and I will promote business development in schools so that young people go out into the world with better personal and professional skills to create successful businesses.”

To find out more about Carlos and his business, check out his website here. You can also follow him on Instagram here and buy his book “Salvando Negocios” here.