Transformative Care and Industry Collaboration: How Amanda Marino’s Extensive Network Enhances Client Recovery

Amanda Marino is the founder and driving force behind Next Level Recovery Assoc, a concierge mental health service that specializes in treating addiction and behavioral issues.

“Next Level Recovery Assoc offers personalized, comprehensive care that addresses the unique needs of each individual, family, or corporation,” comments Amanda.

Concierge coaching, as exemplified by Next Level Recovery Assoc, represents the gold standard in mental health services. Unlike run-of-the-mill programs that often provide generic solutions and fail to adequately support their clients and contractors, concierge coaching offers a high-touch, personalized approach.

Amanda’s team of professionals is meticulously selected to provide the highest quality of care. Each member is chosen based on their expertise and their ability to meet the specific needs of clients. This ensures that clients receive comprehensive support that addresses all aspects of their mental health and well-being.

The concierge model also extends to the treatment of team members. Amanda believes in treating her team like gold, recognizing that a supportive and respected team is essential to delivering exceptional care. This approach not only benefits the clients but also fosters a positive and productive work environment.

With a profound understanding of trauma and recovery, Amanda brings a unique and deeply personal approach to her work. Her ability to relate to her clients’ struggles on a personal level sets her apart in the field of mental health and addiction recovery.

Amanda’s vision was to create a service that offers personalized, comprehensive care that addresses the unique needs of each individual, family, or corporation. Unlike traditional programs that often provide generic solutions, Next Level Recovery Assoc is committed to delivering tailor-made strategies that foster lasting change.

Growing up, Amanda faced significant trauma and abuse that led to her struggles with mental health and addiction. These challenges, however, became the catalyst for her incredible journey towards self-discovery and healing. 

“I’ve taken a tough hand. I was dealt as a child, trauma, abuse—went through my own mental health and addiction struggles due to my trauma. I’ve taken my power back and stopped hurting myself because I was hurting inside,” Amanda expresses.

Amanda’s personal experiences not only shaped her perspective on mental health but also fueled her passion for helping others navigate similar paths.

“I’ve transformed my life and thousands of others in personalized and creative ways. I bring together the best team of medical, clinical, and coaching professionals to meet each individual and family to create lasting change,” Amanda emphasizes.

From a place of deep pain, Amanda found her strength. She decided to stop hurting herself and started to harness her experiences to transform not only her own life but also the lives of thousands of others. 

As Amanda steps into her role as the sole owner of Next Level Recovery Assoc, she has a series of exciting projects and plans lined up for the year. One of her primary focuses is to see how her new leadership role will influence the dynamics within her company. She is keen on incorporating new ideas and feedback from her top leaders, whom she recently promoted.

Moreover, Amanda is committed to providing individualized care. Each client receives tailored support that addresses their unique needs and circumstances. This personalized approach ensures that clients do not feel like just another number in a system but are treated with the respect and attention they deserve.

Next Level Recovery Assoc also sets new standards for communication and collaboration. Amanda’s team-centered approach fosters a supportive and empowering environment for both clients and team members. By lifting up those who work with her, Amanda ensures that her organization remains dedicated to its mission of making a difference in people’s lives.

Choosing the right mental health and addiction recovery service can be daunting. Amanda Marino’s Next Level Recovery Assoc is designed to be the right fit for individuals, families, and corporations seeking comprehensive, personalized care. The unique concierge approach ensures that every client receives a customized plan tailored to their specific needs.

If, for any reason, Next Level Recovery Assoc is not the ideal match for a client, Amanda leverages her extensive network within the industry to find the best possible alternative. This commitment to ensuring that clients receive the help they need underscores her dedication to making a meaningful difference in their lives. 

Amanda understands that each individual’s journey towards recovery is unique, and her priority is to connect them with the resources and support systems that best align with their needs and goals. Discover the power of personalized mental health care with Amanda Marino’s Next Level Recovery Assoc.