Amanda Marino, Founder Of Next Level Recovery Associates Inc, Speaks On Her Journey From Childhood Trauma To Recovery Hero

The strength of a person’s character can truly be measured by how they overcome traumatic experiences. Amanda Marino remains one of the best examples in how to turn your life around. Since 2007, she has been in personal recovery from childhood trauma. The now mother of three has since dedicated her life to helping others recover and thrive, including overcoming their personal struggles, finding peace, happiness, and self-esteem, and attaining their every goal. With her partner, Blake Cohen, Amanda runs Next Level Recovery Associates Inc., an organization that seeks to fill the many gaps often left by traditional treatment models or therapeutic interventions. 

“We offer our clients substance use disorder interventions, recovery, family, and life coaching, case management services, public speaking and education services regarding substance use and mental health, sober companion and transport services, and more! Our goal is to help the entire family system reach the next level in their lives while offering support, accountability, guidance, and expertise. We have a large team that can help us address the various individual needs of our unique clients,” Amanda says. 

Through Next Level Recovery, Amanda is able to follow her motivation of helping others thrive, showing them the hope in the world, and walking them through the journey of recovery, either as a recovering individual or their family. Since starting her company in the start of 2020, and incorporating in March of that year, Amanda and Blake have been able to grow tremendously in order to help many families. 

“In a year where many people have lost everything, we have built something beautiful and been able to help people get their life back. I love being in the trenches, helping families who are desperate and have nowhere to turn. We saw a need for a younger generation to step into this part of the field, be mentored, follow what works and add innovative ideas. Blake and I are both extremely passionate about what we do,” Amanda says. 

As a team, Amanda and Blake honor the teachings and learnings from those that came before them in their field. Although they see themselves as the next generation and innovation of interventionist, case management, and coaching companies, they acknowledge the wide breadth of knowledge they are building on top of. 

“We offer fresh, innovative, creative approaches to a field that needs it. In our area and nationwide, we really have filled a need. We take customer service and communication very seriously. We try to take what worked, leave the rest and add in our own education and experience. We want our team to be the most quality, well trained, and have required CPR and first aid. We truly take everything we do to the next level,” Amanda outlines. 

In the coming year, Amanda has a lot to be excited about. For 2021, she’s focusing Next Level Recovery’s efforts on growing their brand, team, services, protocols, and cutting edge systems in order to take them to a global level. On the whole, these efforts are to make Next Level more accessible to a wider audience. Increasing their visibility in the public eye and online, growing their companion and coaching team, and training them through management and ownership. 

“We will still be involved in our cases, just in different capacities. We want to grow the Next Level brand, while maintaining its concierge approach and its delicate attention to detail. Our brand, reputation and professionalism are at the core focus of our growth plan. We want to be on TV, in the press, and be more visible in a creative way to be able to help more people,” Amanda explains. 

Amanda is on Instagram for the most up to date updates, and Next Level Recovery Associates can be found online