Lenin J. Perez – Meet The Young Entrepreneur Destined To Leave A Legacy For Others To Follow

Born in Maracaibo, Venezuela, Lenin J. Perez came to the U.S. in 2015 in hopes of getting a baseball scholarship. While he was offered to play baseball at Western Nebraska Community College, he decided to return to Miami, where he continued his education and earned a scholarship from Radio Caracol. Lenin graduated with an Associates in Business Administration and then went on to become a student at FIU where he double majored in Finance and International Business with a certificate in International Bank Management. 

As you may suspect, Lenin is the kind of person who loves to learn and will never stop looking for ways to keep learning and growing. In addition to his formal education, he also has a Real Estate license in Florida, a certificate from Berklee College on Music Business, and has taken multiple courses on investing in the stock market and crypto currencies. 

“Ever since I was born I’ve been a sales-man from selling candies in school to selling millions of dollars of fish these days. From selling shoes to artists to now promote and manage their music careers,” says Lenin. 

Now, Lenin is involved in multiple business industries and ventures, which allow him to have financial freedom from multiple sources of income. First, he is involved in the seafood industry and sells seafood all over the U.S., Canada, the Caribbean, and South America. From starting as a sales executive at Seafarers, Inc, Lenin was quickly promoted to National Sales Manager. 

Lenin is also involved in the music industry. He not only promotes urban artists on multiple digital platforms such as Spotify, YouTube, and Tiktok, but he also helps artists make connections for collaborations that help them grow in the field. He also runs an ecommerce business where he sells fashion items and, lastly, is involved in the selling and renting of real estate properties. 

While having multiple sources of income have been a motivating factor for Lenin, his main motivation is to have his own business where he can make the rules, have freedom, and be happy. 

“I’ve always wanted to have the freedom of selling the products that I want and having my own business. I am someone who likes to work independently, but also likes building great relationships and networking with new people,” states Lenin. 

While starting a business comes with many challenges, Lenin believes the biggest challenge is to get out there. Like he says, “There is no way to succeed if you don’t start.” Furthermore, he finds that mindset is extremely important when it comes to starting your own business, which is why Lenin has made it a point to keep his mind and focus in check. In fact, he is not only ambitious, but is also extremely disciplined and responsible. As many successful and high achieving individuals, Lenin prioritizes his health and work so much that he has made it a habit to wake up at 4:50 am every day to workout and be ahead of any competition. 

“The mindset is extremely important when starting your own business, I think it is fundamental to be mentally prepared in order to overcome the challenges of the road. It is key to have a winner mentality, and always hustle for what you want,” states Lenin. 

Despite being heavily impacted by Covid-19 like many other businesses, Lenin found a way to keep flourishing in his business. This year, Lenin is working on increasing his sales, as well as different projects such as building his brand and connecting with new people. Lenin is also looking forward to establishing himself further in the music industry and will be launching his own podcast. 

“For me success is to be able to accomplish what you want. In my case, I have several goals like being financially stable, diversifying my investments and having multiple sources of income in order to live a good life, maintain my family, build an empire and leave a legacy. I would like to be remembered for who I am and all the work that I will do,” shares Lenin. 

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