DreamOway: The App That Altered Justine Sinclair’s Life

Justine Sinclair arrived in the United States with only two suitcases, following her dreams of living in freedom and receiving the quality education that the United States had to offer. Her mother, a North Korean refugee who arrived in South Korea during the Korean War, had high expectations for her, which is why she always demanded great dedication to her studies so that she could access the universities of the Asian country.

That was not the goal of Justine, who secretly appreciated the tunes of ABBA and the stories of “Hotel California.” And she continued to fuel the American dream that burned inside her while she studied for tests like the SAT and TOEFL.

When she, despite her efforts, did not manage to enter any A-level university in Korea, an opportunity arose when she received an acceptance letter from a university in the United States. This joy was short-lived because her mother did not agree with Justine traveling to North America. However, months later, after her father’s death, her strict mother gave her two suitcases, a passport, a bank account, and a plane ticket, leaving her only three hours to catch a flight.

So, Ella Justine was faced with a difficult decision: leave without looking back or stay and remain disconnected from the family, including her brother and her sister. She chose the former and embarked on a trip to the United States to continue her education.

After completing her university studies, she founded DreamOway, an app designed to be a positive social media platform for dreamers, which can help them make this world a better place. An idea that quickly prospered and led her to appear on a television show with an important executive producer.

Knowing that the app required an update, she hired new developers who were unable to complete the task, so the Android version of the app was completely destroyed. It became clear that the version of the app was outdated, and they needed additional funds to continue. Unfortunately, the developers disappeared, and she was only left with the iOS version.

Recovering the app from all platforms turned out to be an expensive and time-consuming struggle, in which she invested her life savings into DreamOway. She made the decision to start over at that point because she knew her daughter needed her more than ever. She then embarked on a new journey, establishing a personal brand and a new marketing agency.

Despite her challenges, she managed to do well. But deep down, her dream of revitalizing DreamOway remains a powerful force, a beacon of hope for the dreams of others.

“The battle has only just begun, and I am committed to helping others turn their dreams into reality.”

Her inspiration and determination come from her daughter, of whom she states:

“Her resilience fuels my determination to move forward, not only for myself but for her as well. I refuse to give up. Together, we will defend our aspirations and demonstrate that dreams can come true, no matter the challenges we face.”

 Justine continues to believe that there are potential investors who can make her dream a reality, with which she can help countless dreamers achieve their aspirations. Meanwhile, her company, which she wants to expand to South Korea, Japan, and Dubai, is dedicated to business consulting, marketing, personal branding, and social media.

In marketing, she has found her way of guiding aspiring dreamers on how to select the right products that fit their budgets. Helping them navigate that journey, offering them ideas, and sharing their experience is an effort that brings immense satisfaction and purpose to her life.

She is convinced that supporting entrepreneurs when starting a business and generating in them a successful mentality can make a difference. Well, if they do not trust that the objectives can be achieved, success then becomes a dream that is difficult to achieve.

He advises those trying to start their businesses to be careful when it comes to trust. Be diligent in your approach to reviews and pay close attention to negative comments. Prioritize reading each contract and reviewing it before writing. Do not hesitate to seek legal advice when necessary. In the long term, it may be a more cost-effective option. Consult with all available resources to make informed decisions.

This year, Justine plans to expand her marketing agency, where she intends to hire additional talent to provide valuable support. At the same time, she is committed to securing investors who share her vision for the continued growth of the DreamOway app.

In addition, she is dedicating efforts to the creation of a foundation focused on offering help to numerous young victims of bullying. This foundation will provide support through the healing powers of music, art, and the creation of a recreational sports center.

Her new brand, Cupsyfire Energy, is coming soon. If you want to know more about her work, you can follow her on Instagram here or visit her website here.