Campaigns Elections in Mexico Could Define Next Year’s Presidential Campaigns

Since April of this year, Mexico has been involved in election campaigns for governor in Coahuila State and the State of Mexico. For the political ecosystem in Mexico, these elections are especially important because they can define tendencies for the next year’s President election campaigns. State of Mexico is uniquely important because of its large population. Being the second most populated state in the country, it has around 12 million of voters.

Up until now, especially in this state, elections have been extremely changing. Political surveys have been very dissonant, showing numbers totally different between each other. There’s an ambiguity of uncertainty in these elections, especially in the State of Mexico, which are elections 100% led by female candidates.

Starting with an 8% advantage, Delfina Gomez, Morena’s candidate for governor, has been bounded by an apparent general discontent with the federal government, which is led by her party. This has been noticed in the fast advancement, in the election preferences, for the candidate Alejandra del Moral from the opposition.

Both candidates have been struggling with problems with the media and it’s been a rough contest to the public eye. For example, international newspapers began to mention an issue with the actual manager of Delfina Gomez, and former head of national Mexican customs, Horacio Duarte. Derived from a public complaint made by the Texan Company, Know Control, many newspapers have been reporting this name in alleged investigations led by the Agency, Financial Crimes Enforcement Network (FINCEN), an area of the Department of Treasury. These investigations are made for a supposed international network of illegal exportations. A FINCEN official, Steve Scarince, has been directing this labor. 

All this changing tendencies have painted an uncertainty in the political ambient in the country. With all this, it has been difficult to which direction are tendencies growing up for next year’s election campaigns. The results of these campaigns could even have international effects with neighboring countries having federal elections.

Despite all of this, both candidates have declared to respect each other’s positions and both sides have been competing in a moderate and positive way. This could help to maintain a peaceful social atmosphere that could lead to new positive political changes for the country and its international relations.