Setting Dreams Higher: The Story of Al Sol Globos the Best and Safest Company of Hot Air Balloons in Mexico

Al Sol Globos symbolizes greatness and safety in the hot air ballooning business, dominating the skies above Teotihuacan, Mexico. With years of experience and a team of expert pilots, Al Sol Globos promises an unforgettable adventure in the sky.

“This location in Teotihuacan allows us to appreciate the wonderful pyramids from the heights” They share.

The company, led by Juana Maria Amador and Captain Alfredo Benitez, started with the name “Al Sol Globos,” carrying a profound meaning that symbolizes the union of the names of the founder’s two children – Alfredo and Sol.

Al Sol Globos stands out by achieving a remarkable feat, acquiring the N-500 balloon, which is recognized as the largest on the American continent, with a colossal size of over 14,415m³ and a capacity to carry more than 30 passengers. 

The balloon takes flight every day at dawn above the land of gods in Teotihuacan. The directors’ dedication to mastering the art of flying the giant balloon has spanned different states of Mexico and has included international training experiences in Spain and Dubai.

Al Sol Globos’ skills were showcased during the balloon presentation, attended by the multi-world champion Mariana “La Barby” Juarez. On December 16th, the continent’s largest balloon took to the skies in a spectacular dawn launch. The event, complete with a media presentation at 6:20 am, was a grand celebration organized by Producciones PTG, a renowned experience company.

When working in hot air balloons, the company faces the daily challenges of flying, like unpredictable weather conditions; this is why each morning requires meticulous flight tests and weather checks to ensure passengers a safe and enjoyable experience.

Additionally, AFAC certification proves that Al Sol Globos is committed to safety and complete adherence to regulations, positioning itself as a fully authorized and secure company.

Looking ahead, Al Sol Globos has ambitious plans for the current year. The company aims to expand its fleet, welcoming more hot air balloons to reach seven. This expansion seeks to cater to the growing number of national and international tourists eager to experience the thrill of floating above the clouds in the most giant balloon in the world.

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