Pascal Bachmann, Founder of Body and Mind Transformation, Can Help You Sift Through the Noise and Find a Nutrition Plan That Works for You

In a world saturated with fitness and wellness information, Pascal Bachmann knows the issue is not a lack of knowledge, but the need to sift through all the useless noise from countless online and print sources offering clients quick and easy fixes to their health, and find real information that will deliver, rather than just empty promises. 

Unlike other approaches which claim to be the “best” or “secret” one-size-fits-all diet, Body and Mind Transformation knows there is no one solution for everyone. Instead, Pascal works to take in all the information about where exactly each client is, including their gender, starting fitness, height, and more, staying true to his belief to follow what the client needs, not what they want.

“These “one-size-fits-all” diets just use one way communication, rather than responding to client needs. Clients get a recommendation from one person about what worked for them, but it’s unlikely both people have the same needs. It needs to be two way communication, which is why I’m focusing on what diet and nutrition works best for who you are, based on your starting point and what you want to accomplish,” Pascal says. 

Pascal started studying the wellness industry well before he began his business. Over 25 years ago, he was a professional Muay Thai fighter and boxer, and as most pro-athletes do, he learned how the body works firsthand. After an accident in Thailand, his dream of pro-fighting ended. Knowing he needed to pivot to another field, and seeing it as an opportunity to pursue his dream of helping people, specifically helping people get healthier. 

“I think it’s important to help people get healthier. I believe that each person’s health is their own responsibility, and most people are not healthy because they did not have the chance to learn properly what to do. So I take that upon myself to teach people the proper skills to get where they want to be,” Pascal outlines.

With his aptly named Body and Mind Transformation concept, Pascal is able to hone in on his holistic approach. He sees that many of his clients come in with problems that expand beyond issues that can be solved simply with more exercise and changing eating habits. Instead, he knows that health needs to be tackled as something pervasive that comes through in all aspects of your life. 

“Change needs to happen in your body and in your mind, equally. Only if you create a different mindset by fully understanding the root of your health needs can change happen in the long run. Unsustainable practices in health and wellness are a trend that we see everywhere in society. Once you lose weight, you can go right back to where you started if you don’t fix the root problem – you’re still in the job you hate, with a boss you don’t like, living in a bad environment, or in a bad relationship, whatever it is. Body and Mind transformation addresses the big picture,” Pascal says. 

Through his business, Pascal offers three main courses: Intermittent Fasting, LivingLife Diet, and Ketogenic Diet. He also offers the KILL Diet, a fast track that mixes all three. He also offers a nutrient basic course that digs into the vocabulary of nutrition, like the difference between carbs, carories, and more. Through his courses, Pascal supports his belief that we have a responsibility to learn about what we’re putting into our bodies. 

“The one thing we all do every single day, all around the world, to survive is eat! But we don’t learn about it. We just listen to what other people say to do, even if they don’t know anything about nutrition. That’s why I decided to teach others why it’s important that we understand WHAT and WHY we are eating,”  Pascal outlines. 

It sounds simple when Pascal outlines it, but he admits it’s difficult at times, especially when he watches people around him be unable to make changes in their life that would lead them to a healthier lifestyle. He sees this apprehension come from fear, fear to change their lifestyle, fear of authority figures, or fear to try something new. With his coachings and courses, he provides the knowledge and information to allow his clients to feel confident about making the right choices for themselves and eliminating the fear that comes with a lack of information.

Pascal’s courses are outlined on the Body and Mind Transformation website. He is also available on Instagram