Mr. Biz®’s SMAC Method: A Process to Help Achieve Massive Goals

Ken Wentworth, but also recognized as Mr. Biz®, is the founder and founder of Mr Biz Solutions, a finance consulting firm where he gives his personal advice as a CFO (Chief Financial Officer). He shares his knowledge in his books, which have gained him the title of a 3x bestselling author, in his talks, his Youtube channel and in his personal social media accounts.

Ken’s success and innovation in the finance world is owed to his SMAC methodology. It is a proprietary, 4-step process that summarizes his goal-achieving advice in simple instructions. After his keynote speech presenting SMAC, people asked him if there was a book where they could learn more about it and apply it.

In “Don’t Fake the Funk: F*ck Being Average”, Mr. Biz® explains SMAC to help people achieve massive goals, with real life examples from his own accomplishments, as well as from other influencer’s experiences. He states that part of people’s failure is due to incorrect goal setting. They tend to set goals too low – not high enough.

“This method is not necessarily for someone looking to lose 5 or 10 pounds, although it can be used for that. It’s more for someone looking to lose 100 pounds. It is not just for someone looking to be promoted to the next level, but for someone who wants to achieve a three-level promotion. It is not just for someone who wants to make $50k; it is for someone who wants to make a million dollars”, shares Ken about his method SMAC.

This book is not only for business owners, but also for anyone in general. “I wanted the book to appeal to a broader audience, not just entrepreneurs or business owners”, said Mr. Biz ®. And fortunately, he did it. 

His first book, “How to Be a Cash Flow Pro: A Mr. Biz Guide to Crushing Business Owner Insomnia”, was born when his brother recommended him to publish it. Here, he shares a list of tips about cash flow, and he explains that 82% of business failures are the result of cash flow challenges.

His second book, “Pathway to Profits: A Mr. Biz Guide to Running Your Business Like a Boss”, covers business management topics like budgeting, pricing, marketing and operations. Wentworth realized he could help more people to run their enterprises better through his advice and guidance. 

This is how he found Mr. Biz Solutions, where he and other experts guide companies to explosive growth and higher profitability. Before his companies, he ascended to the Top 3% of a Fortune 15 company and became a 6-time World Record holder. He is an award-winning radio show host to Mr. Biz Radio and launched his own streaming channel, Mr. Biz Network.