Kevin Orlando Went from Bodybuilder to Business Expert. Find Out His Journey Below.

Kevin Orlando has had quite a long journey to get to his business success that he has today. Starting out in his hometown of Brooklyn, New York, he began his long road at the age of 13 with bodybuilding as a way to create a kind of discipline that would help him later in life.

“I started Bodybuilding at the age of 13. Bodybuilding provided an outlet of solitude. The gym gave me the ability to release pent up energy in all its forms. Bodybuilding provided the blueprint for manifesting dreams into reality. There were no teammates to blame. You either make it happen, or you don’t. I still love the simplicity of that concept,” Kevin recounts.

However, life got in the way of Kevin’s path. Though he was taught incredible things through the world of bodybuilding, he had to deal with many tough realities that got in the way of what he had learned.

“The real world requires money to survive, so, like many other young men with limited viewpoints (or youthful stupidity), I “did what I had to do” to make money. Things were going VERY well. Until they weren’t. 

I felt my options were limited, so I dropped out of college in 1998 ( I was a Business Management Major) and started a new job as a “Cold Caller” for Everen Securities,” Kevin states.

Making barely enough money to get by, Kevin realized he needed to change something. Going back to his roots in bodybuilding, he found the discipline and hardworking attitude that he needed to begin his first big pitch and business venture.

“At 22 years old, I pitched my way into a Financial Advisor position at PaineWebber/United Bank of Switzerland.

Belief, discipline, and resiliency separates the winners from the crowd. Life is a wager, and you should always double down on yourself,” Kevin explains.

Fast forward to now, and Kevin is on top of his game. He is a leader in the real estate investment industry and is helping provide real estate investors with the help they need.

“I run a Real Estate Investment Firm, GO Realty Capital Partners, which provides private mortgages and equity to real estate investors and operators,” Kevin comments.

Even with all of this success, Kevin is not slowing down. His next major steps are to create fintech platforms to bring new technology into the business world to assist his real estate investors.

“My next big projects are the creation of FinTech platforms utilizing new technology to change the finance landscape. We’re also heavily invested in Media. We look forward to what the future will bring,” Kevin details.

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