Joe Biden to unveil sweeping AI regulations – days before skipping Rishi Sunak’s safety summit

The White House has stolen a march on Rishi Sunak’s AI safety summit by unveiling sweeping regulations aimed at protecting workers and citizens from threats posed by the technology.

US President Joe Biden will sign an executive order aiming to guide the development of the tech, requiring firms working on potentially dangerous models to share safety data with the government before their release.

It also aims to protect workers’ rights to address concerns that artificial intelligence will lead to redundancies, and ensure models are not trained in a way that exacerbates existing societal biases.

And in a bid to combat misinformation, such as from deep fake videos, the White House is working on “content authentication and watermarking” guidelines for content generated by AI.

White House deputy chief of staff Bruce Reed described it as the “strongest set of actions” any government has announced on AI.

Mr Biden is due to speak about the safeguards later on Monday, days before the UK’s safety summit.

Mr Sunak has invited world leaders and tech bosses to Britain for a two-day event this week, but Mr Biden isn’t attending and will send vice president Kamala Harris.