From Immigrant to Leader: Ali Payani’s Marketing Success Story

Ali Payani, an immigrant entrepreneur, came to the United States in 2016 thanks to an O-1 visa, known as the extraordinary ability visa, that he obtained due to the software awards he had received in Dubai, as well as some publications and media coverage for his artificial intelligence device for air quality. It was with this device that he founded a company focused on artificial intelligence applications for air quality monitoring.

Ali’s experience with marketing came from a company he founded in Tehran when he was just 14 years old. This led him to learn about business growth, strategies, and pain points in every industry and company. This experience was the impetus to found LookinLA in 2017, a marketing agency for which she set up processes and strategies that made it the fastest agency and led it to currently rank 60 on the Inc5000 list.

 His inspiration came mainly from tons of meetings with clients or prospects who, even with great software or services, had no idea how to scale a business or, most importantly, didn’t listen to experts. He decided to make this his mission and create an agency as a means to help clients grow their businesses.

 This is how Payani Group was born: a private equity firm, an advisory firm (sales, marketing, and digital transformation), and a marketing agency (Payani Media). In other words, a full-service, data-driven agency that helps all types of businesses in different sectors.

  For Ali, starting a business with little or no budget is not an obstacle to success if you have a good plan, strategy, and dedication. Therefore, as an example, he shares some of his story:

 “When I started my marketing agency, we didn’t have money to rent a co-working space or anything like that. I was sitting all day, every day, at a Starbucks in Toluca Lake, working, networking, emailing, cold calling, etc., trying to get at least one client. I was going to different roundtables, seminars, meeting new people, and doing everything possible to make the marketing agency successful and get more clients.”

 The marketing industry requires big changes to be able to change the fact that although companies spend more than 7 trillion dollars annually on digital transformation, 70% of them fail. For this reason, in his private equity, advisory, and marketing firm, he has already incorporated the modifications that he considers essential for companies to obtain higher performance, higher profits, and greater growth in the shortest possible time.

 Payani Group is at the forefront of business innovation and growth, spanning a dynamic trio of divisions: private equity, marketing, and advisory services. His mission is clear: invest in promising companies and their management, integrate them into the Payani family, and drive them towards unprecedented growth and success, leveraging his resources and experience in marketing, sales, and development. Their approach is a testament to their commitment to excellence.

 “We not only invest; we transform. Each company under our umbrella benefits from our extensive resources across our advisory, marketing, and media divisions. This integrated model guarantees growth and sustainable and scalable evolution, surpassing the limits in their respective industries,” Ali explains.

 Ali explains that his track record sets him apart and shows other clients how real his business is. He details this below: 

“Our track record speaks for itself. We constantly elevate companies to their maximum performance, guiding them toward successful exits. This success is not only a milestone for us; it is a springboard to a broader vision. Payani Group is not simply an investment company; we are architects of economic progress and foster an environment where businesses not only thrive; “they set new standards of excellence.”

 For its founder, Payani Group is the epicenter of transformative growth and unparalleled success, as it specializes in elevating brand repositioning and improving company value through strategic marketing and digital transformation.  

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