D’Andre Moorefield Created an Interactive Way to Take Photos and Remember Your Favorite Events and Nights Out. Find Out More Below.  

Pictures, as the saying goes, is worth a thousand words. However, for many people enjoying a night out, pictures are not always what you think of. When you are caught up in the moment, it can be hard to remember to take that perfect picture to remember a night with your family or friends. 

This is where D’Andre Moorefield can help. D’Andre is the founder of Social Hubb, which is an innovative photo booth experience offering different types of interactive picture taking for any kind of venue or event. D’Andre was inspired to take up this business after a night out that was saved by the photos he had taken.

I was out at a bar with a few of my good friends and in the corner of the bar, there was an extremely bright ring light that caught my attention. At first, I didn’t know it was a photobooth. I walked over, examined it and started taking a few pictures. I sent the pictures to myself and continued on with my evening. The next morning, I woke up and pretty much had no idea what happened the night before after 6 PM. The only thing that brought my memory back to me were the pictures I took at that really cool photo booth the night before,” D’Andre recounts.

This gave D’Andre the idea that would be the foundation of Social Hubb. Though D’Andre had an incredible idea that he wanted to employ, he had to first overcome obstacles and other people who sought to get in his way.

“I’ve faced countless obstacles: ridicule, slander, depression, loss of family,  and even eviction; literally all of it. Once you realize that obstacles are thrown your way, only to strengthen your ability to overcome them and the future ones that you WILL encounter, you learn to embrace them,” D’Andre explains. 

What makes D’Andre and Social Hubb so different from other photo booths, especially the traditional ones with the seated bench, is that there is an element of interaction with each of his different photo booth technologies.

Social Hubb offers four different types of technology for four different photo booth experiences: the astro mirror, the magic mirror, the 360 booth, and the halo booth. Whether it is a touch screen to get the best photo or adjusting the lighting to make sure the photo is the best quality, each of these four different technologies provide professional photographer level results while working with the user to make sure they get the best photo. And to top it all off, they can send the photos instantly either through SMS or email!

D’Andre has other big plans for himself and for Social Hubb. Though he can’t say what they are outright, they are things that everyone should be excited for!

“I can’t fully give away much detail for what I have coming next, but let’s just say it will be a platform that will allow people to work directly with me, in helping them create either a passive or active income. Stay tuned!” D’Andre states.

To find out more about D’Andre, follow him on instagram here and check out his website here.