Caxxor Is The Disruptive Mexican Company That Is Marking A New Era In The Development & Financing Of Real Assets

Since ancient times, infrastructure-social and economic facilitates production. The availability of quality infrastructure guarantees increase in production and productivity. It also provides an environment conducive to investment. The truth is that infrastructure acts as a support system for production activity in the economy and, thereby, contributes to economic development of any society.

Regarding that topic, Caxxor is a Mexican company dedicated to the development of infrastructure and technologies. The company is not just another firm, they have an unprecedented performance. In addition, their group is an international conglomerate with the strength to drive infrastructure projects and other real assets. They can also finance governments and large companies, as well as advise during the process. 

As a successful entrepreneur, Carlos contributes to positioning North America as the leading region in the world. He is truly committed to promoting above all interests the preservation of the environment, and looking for new formulas so that economic development does not violate the ecosystems where infrastructure investments are established.

“Part of my goal is to be a driver of change for infrastructure, trade and institutional financing in our societies”, Carlos shares.

He studied Administration, International Trade and Finance, and then he decided to begin to venture into the construction market in Mexico, with great success. He also approached the firm NSF in the United States, which is made up of institutional investors who invest in sovereign debt and infrastructure. Flash forward to today, Carlos is the president of NSF in Latin America and is a recognized leader within the industry.

“Once I had enough information and knowledge, I wanted to implement the United States model in Mexico, there I discovered that the investment banking market specialized in infrastructure in Mexico still had a long way to go”, he explains.

So, Carlos decided to transform the construction company he had into an infrastructure investment bank, Caxxor, a new firm in the Mexican market allied to NSF in the USA, that quickly became one of the most important firms in the Mexican market. 

Up to date, Caxxor focuses on connectivity, services and cutting-edge technology to offer innovative solutions to all their customers and end users. In addition, they are pioneers in creating the most secure and efficient border between Mexico and the United States, in order to have a positive impact on the security and economy of the region.

“We are a quite disruptive company, in Mexico we are building a port that will impact 30% of the Mexican population and 70% of the US population, being its closest exit to the Pacific. Although there is enormous market potential, at this moment there is no other developer doing the same in Mexico, we are the only ones!”, Carlos adds.

Right now, Caxxor Group is working on developing the US$3.3bn USMCA rail corridor connecting Mexico’s Sinaloa state, the US and Winnipeg in Canada.  The corridor involves a new floating port in Sinaloa, a 180 km Durango-Mazatlán rail link and two industrial parks in Mexico’s Coahuila state and two in Durango.

Plans to develop the adequate infrastructure needed to connect the Pacific Ocean with the north of Mexico have been in the pipeline since the 1950s; however, a project of this dimension demanded major investments, dedication and knowledge. But it was not until 2020 that Caxxor Group announced the project.

The T-MEC Corridor promises consistent benefits for the manufacturing and industrial sectors across the region. Moreover, by providing an alternative to the Panama Canal and offering a direct line between North America and the Pacific, the T-MEC Corridor will unlock trade potential along Mexico’s northern border!

“We are inspired by helping people connect efficiently and safely, and ensuring they have the means to get their products to where they demand them, which is only possible with efficient and environmentally compatible infrastructures”, Carlos concludes.

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