Carlos Medrano Lost His Father At 15, Suffered During The Great Recession, And Still Managed To Come Out On Top. Now He Is Helping Others Achieve Their Own Success

Carlos Medrano has had a series of ups and downs as he began his path towards entrepreneurship and business success. From a young age, tragedy set him on a course to be an entrepreneur and the great recession of 2008 changed his path to another entrepreneurial career. Despite his hardships, Carlos has never given up on being a businessman.

“My name is Carlos Medrano and I grew up in Panorama City located in Los Angeles County. My father from Mexico and mother from El Salvador met here in America chasing the American Dream. They instilled in me family values like hard work and grit. At 15 years old I received the tragic news that my father suddenly passed away, and one thing he always told me was if something happened to him, I would be the man of the house. 

I decided I needed to become someone. During my time in high school, I decided I would start a business. I was not sure what or how, but I knew that being an entrepreneur was my calling. I got into the telecommunication world in 1999 and opened up multiple beeper and cell phone locations. Then I transitioned into real estate in 2002-03 and at the peak of my career I was making 7 figures. I helped many people reach their dream of owning a home. 

As you know, in late 2008-09 we had a recession, and I saw many of my clients lose their homes and jobs because everything came down to money and finances. People lost everything and to my surprise the wealthy were able to capitalize on the situation. At that moment I knew I wanted to learn how the wealthy invest. Shortly after in 2009 I was accepted by PHP Agency. I have had the opportunity to change my family tree by helping others become financially independent,” Carlos recounts.

Carlos wanted to do something different in the financial services industry. Many wealthy people in this world already know what they need to to stay rich, but that information is never passed down to others. Carlos wants everyone to have access to that information and is determined to help others succeed.

“I run a financial services, life insurance, and annuities business. We help clients diversify their investment portfolios. Financial Services is a game dominated by companies who want to help the rich, so I want to help my clients retire with dignity, wealth, and educate them to take advantage of the rules set for all,” Carlos explains.

Carlos’ secret to success was his incredible mindset that pushed him to forget the doubts and the worries in his mind and to focus on what is important instead. Though he came from a very hard background, he was able to overcome any obstacle due to his mindset that never waivered.

“The brain of a human is the most powerful computer ever made. Just like a computer, if a virus infects the system it no longer works the same as it did.  When it comes to mindset, I know there are going to be obstacles like people not believing in me and sometimes my own self doubt. I stuck with it, and here we are now. I’m a co-owner of a future multi billion dollar company that has been named one of the fastest growing companies in America,” Carlos states.

Carlos has a bright future ahead of him with all of these keys to success that he has unlocked over the years. In 2021, he is planning on doing even more as he continues to work to help his customers,agents and help himself continue to grow.

“The future looks bright. A personal goal of mine in 2021 is to win a championship with my firm and run a Million Point Base Shop. Our agency is like no other. We have a chip on our shoulder and with the client in mind, we plan to change the world with financial literacy,” Carlos says.

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