Andrea Melendrez Has Reached Over 190,000 Women Through Espacio Emprendedora’s Training Programs

Andrea Melendrez, better known as Andy, is a recognized female entrepreneur with over a decade of business experience and the CEO of Espacio Emprendedora. This platform assists women entrepreneurs in Latin America.

Based in Mexico City, her first steps in the business began after she completed her Bachelor’s degree in Business Relations and entered the sales field at a multinational logistics company. 

Andy gained lots of experience during her career in a multinational logistics company, but she soon realized that the lifestyle of a traditional job didn’t align with her aspired goals.

In 2013, she decided to start her own business and adopt a fresh perspective through entrepreneurship, which later prompted her to explore a new direction. 

“I have faced numerous challenges that have shaped my approach and business philosophy, from monumental failures to bad partners, bankruptcies, and endless situations. Each of these moments, although difficult, were crucial for my professional and personal development,” Andrea emphasizes.

In 2017, Andy faced a devastating financial crisis caused by her husband’s business bankruptcy due to external operational factors. This sudden setback was a turning point in her life. She and her husband recognized the need to take entrepreneurship more seriously, reevaluating their options and seeking new opportunities as a family. 

“The 2017 crisis prompted us to move forward in a more structured and professional way in the business world. Since then, I have worked with my husband, partner, and companion during this adventure.” Andrea shares. 

Espacio Emprendedora was born in the middle of this challenging year but did not materialize until 2020 during the pandemic.

Andy, inspired by her lessons and acknowledging the need for support women have in the field, noticed the opportunity to create a safe space that offered business skills development to women in Latin America.

“With the start of the pandemic and the forced closure of my physical business, I faced another great challenge. However, it was also the perfect pretext to launch Espacio Emprendedora,” Andy mentions. 

As part of Strive Solutions LLC, Espacio Emprendedora is now a platform that offers mentoring programs specifically designed for the needs of female entrepreneurs. These programs provide digital marketing strategies, sales tactics, and business organization and even help other mentors monetize their skills.

Espacio Emprendedora ensures personalization and accessibility with on-demand programs and one-on-one sessions, verifying that each entrepreneur receives the attention and resources necessary to succeed.

Today, Espacio Emprendedora has reached over 190,000 women through free programs and training and boasts more than 2,500 students in paid courses.

Her remarkable success reflects Andy’s strength in overcoming adversities and proves her commitment to the social impact of women in business and the development of her community. 

Andy is currently working to scale her advanced mentoring program. Along with her husband, she seeks to develop a new company that serves as a future support platform, providing them with knowledge and helping entrepreneurs kickstart their work by offering a profitable business model. 

“With this, we aim to create a system of mutual benefit that expands our impact and becomes a tangible force for change in Latin America.” Andy explains.

In a personal manner, Andy also aspires to share new experiences with her family, travel more, and embrace her life to the fullest. 

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