Why Loan Officers Partner With Groves Capital – To Achieve Their Business Goals!

Groves Capital is a residential and commercial lending company that is in almost 20 states and is made up of 200 loan offers / 85 processors. As a virtual and family owned business between Chris and his wife, Aleyna Groves, it is focused on maximizing clients’ savings and satisfaction. Here are just a few of the reasons why loan officers partner with the company, and you should too:

  1. Groves Capital provides a unique hybrid lending model, as they serve as both a broker and lender. They offer over 160 lending platforms under this hybrid model, and have access to a large array of loan products including residential, VA, FHA, Jumbos, Commercial, Hard Money, Multifamily, Stand Alone 2nd Loans, Home Equity Line of Credit, Bridge loans, Land loans, Construction, Fix and flip loans for Real Estate Investors, Down Payment Assistance and Reverse Loans, just to name a few. 

“If we can’t do it, no one can! We listen to our partners and if there is a lender out there that will help them facilitate their business, we will find them and add them. In this industry, you have to stay up with the trends and new products,” say Chris and Aleyna. 

  1. Groves Capital is virtual, which means that you can work with them from the comfort of your own home office or office space of choice. While they had previously envisioned this shift from in-person to virtual, the need for this type of model grew more as Covid hit and has been very successful. 

“ We wanted to give our clients the best rates and compensate our loan officers with the most income. The low overhead allows us to be the best option for our borrowers and loan officers partners; it’s a win win!,” the team states. 

  1. Their in-house processing staff handles 90% of the paperwork in each transaction. Strong processing is the backbone of the mortgage industry, and Groves Capital is focused on what loan officers need to be successful to grow and achieve their goals. The processing staff focuses on speed and efficiency, and above all, transparent and effective communication. With the help of other individuals such as those who work as Loan Officer Assistants, Loan Officers can focus on growing their referral business and selling strategies, while others focus mostly on the transaction processing. 

“The key to a good relationship is communication and our Loan officers and processors develop strong business relationships and trust. Our goal is to pair each loan officer with a processor that fits their personality and business flow. Less paperwork leaves more time to focus on growth=increased income!” states the Groves team. 

  1. Groves Capital has a back-end software that is proprietary to the company. While most companies are behind the times with their platforms and technology, Groves Capital is dedicated to helping their Loan Officers use the most efficient systems that allow them to perform at the highest level possible. As explained by the Groves, “The more streamline the systems are, the more our partners can focus on driving more business to their pipeline.”
  1. Finally, Groves Capital has a full staff at headquarters that are available for immediate support. They will help you with anything and everything you need. In addition, their pricing desk and new submission desk will help price and submit files, holding your hand for the first 3-7 files until you feel comfortable and confident with the process. Technology specialists are also available to help with any system questions or concerns. HR will assist throughout the onboarding process as well as with weekly training sessions on concepts such as loan software, pricing, marketing platform training, etc. “We provide high level coaching from the company leaders and branch team leaders focusing on structuring loans and focusing on developing referral business,” state the Groves. 

These are just a few examples of why loan officers choose Groves Capital over other companies. If you are interested in partnering with the company, you can learn more about them by visiting their website here