The Power of Real Estate: Bayo Adebowale Shares His Passion For and Expertise in the Industry

Bayo Adebowale is an immigrant from Nigeria who moved to the United States 11 years ago. Initially trained as a psychiatric nurse, Bayo developed a strong passion for real estate. In 2014, he began learning about real estate investing and eventually decided to become a real estate agent in Houston, Texas. 

Since 2015, Bayo has been investing in real estate and currently owns several investment properties. His long-term goal is to purchase a 100-unit multifamily apartment building. 

I started learning real estate investing in 2014 and eventually decided to become a real estate agent. I now own several investment properties.” expresses Bayo.

Bayo is a real estate investor, realtor with eXp Realty LLC and is the CEO of ABIARI LLC, a real estate consulting and coaching firm that has also become a leader in the real estate industry throughout the Houston area, Katy, Richmond, Cypress, and Fulshear Texas markets. 

Bayo is passionate about helping others pursue their greatest potential through motivational, inspirational, and empowering words and activities. He is also the founder of the non-profit organization Empower Future Leaders whose mission is to help others achieve their dreams. 

Bayo’s motivation for starting his real estate business stems from his desire for freedom and the ability to control his time. He also wanted to help as many families as possible by offering them employment opportunities through his business.

Bayo believes that education, training, mentoring, taking action, perseverance, and persistence are the biggest challenges in starting a business. He stresses the importance of finding a mentor and acquiring expertise in your chosen field, and encourages aspiring entrepreneurs to take action and not be afraid of failure, as it is a learning experience that leads to growth. 

What I realize is that a lot of people give up before they even get traction and start achieving the goals they have set for themselves. It’s very important that you educate yourself on what you want to do, that you find a mentor. A lot of people don’t get coaching and so they find themselves not knowing what to do and not achieving their business goals.” Bayo says.

The inspiration to get into real estate came from Bayo’s personal experience of buying land in Nigeria and realizing the potential for wealth creation through real estate. He also studied the lives of billionaires and recognized the importance of real estate in their wealth accumulation. 

Bayo’s passion for teaching others led him to use the knowledge he gained over the years to educate people about real estate, which he considers a great blessing and purpose. 

I also realized how important it is to have a 9-5 job for initial stability, but the long-term goal is to build wealth through real estate,” Bayo comments.

The biggest obstacle Bayo has overcome in his career is the death of his father in 2006. This event forced him to rediscover himself and seek guidance from mentors and books to navigate life. Bayo honors his father’s memory with his upcoming book, “Lessons from My Dad: Six Principles for Building a Successful Life,” which reflects his long-term goal of becoming an author and speaker.

Bayo differentiates himself from the competition by being unique and focusing on his gifts, talents, and purpose. His goal is to bring value to as many people as possible, whether through real estate transactions, social media posts, speaking engagements, or his non-profit work. She believes that each person has their own path, and her goal is to live her own purpose while positively influencing others.

Bayo firmly believes that mindset plays a crucial role in starting a business. He stresses the importance of having a positive attitude and the mindset of an entrepreneur, which differs from that of an employee. Entrepreneurs understand that the effort they put in is directly related to the results they get.  

In the business world, what you put in is what you get out, if you don’t put in work you don’t get any profit, but if you put in work and do everything you have to do, the sky is not even the limit, you can’t begin to imagine the potential that is available to you. Having the right mindset that anything is possible is the key,” Bayo states. 

For those who want to start their own business, Bayo advises them to seek out a mentor to guide them and provide valuable insights. He also stresses the importance of education and taking action. Bayo believes that fear is often based on false evidence and encourages people to overcome it by turning it into faith and using it as a driving force to achieve their goals.

Bayo’s current project for this year is to purchase a multi-family apartment building. He plans to continue working toward this goal by analyzing mortgage options, evaluating his financial statements, and qualifying for an adequate number of units. Click here to learn more.