The Man Behind the Rising Stars of Spanish Leagues

Daniel Infante is the man who provides the ever-growing world of football with serious opportunities. Dani sees talent where others don’t and he brings that potential in front of Spain’s biggest soccer-clubs, offering young and old players chances to get into professional environments and reach the next level of their game by developing their own unique skills.  

From a very young age, Daniel has felt a special connection with football. For him, this sport is not just a game, but a way of life and a never-ending pursuit of self-improvement. His love for soccer drives him to search for new talents, to find those hidden gems and help them to become great stars.

With his agency, Elite International Football Management, Daniel has managed to open doors for many young and old players. His main goal is to bring these promising talents to the prestigious Spanish football-system, known for its high level of competition and professional training-methods. Through his dedication and motivation, he has managed to fulfill the dreams of many footballers.

But what motivates Daniel to dedicate himself to this exciting world of scouting and player representation? The answer is simple: the passion for the sport and the desire to make a difference. For him, football is much more than just a game. It’s an opportunity to change lives, to give these young players the possibility of reaching their full potential and living their dream of becoming professionals.

Daniel finds great enthusiasm in the challenge of discovering hidden talent. Often, large clubs overlook players who have great potential but haven’t yet been discovered. This is where Daniel comes in, using his trained eye to identify them and offer them a unique opportunity. He finds great satisfaction in seeing how these underestimated players develop and become true professionals.

Nobody enjoys the process of seeing his players being developed more than Daniel. Seeing how young people evolve and improve over time is something that he is passionate about. He’s proud to be part of this process and to be able to contribute to the growth and success of these emerging talents.

Daniel’s work as agent and scout isn’t just about business. It’s a passion that drives his daily life. His dedication and determination are fundamental for future champions to reach the highest level in the world of football. Through his agency, Elite International Football Management, he’ll ensure that the dreams of many young footballers come true, no matter where they’re in the world.