The Government closes the international bridge between Mexico and the United States, due to a protest.

A protest by dozens of migrants caused  the closure of one of the international bridges on the border between Tamaulipas, Mexico, and Texas, United States, reported the United States Customs and Border Protection.

“In light of a demonstration at the midpoint of the Gateway International Bridge in Brownsville, CBP has temporarily suspended traffic and continues to implement appropriate port hardening measures, such as placing barriers and conducting regular mobile field force exercises, to guarantee the security and processing of travelers on our international bridges,” the entity explained in the statement.

The protesters who caused the closure were about 60 Venezuelan migrants, who were deported to Mexico on Thursday and were demanding to be removed from the country. They agreed to point out that the protest will continue this week, and an end time had not been established.

The closure of the border bridge comes after the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) confirmed that they will launch a new program aimed at Venezuelan immigrants seeking to enter the United States, and that will return to Mexico those who cross the border illegally.

DHS indicated that the program for Venezuelans is similar to the approach the government took toward Ukrainians earlier this year. They will need to apply, have a sponsor in the US, and be screened and verified, as well as have a complete immunization schedule.