The Brandon Alexander Foundation Is Proof That Something Good Can Come From Even The Most Devastating Experiences

The Brandon Alexander Foundation is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit corporation that opened its doors to the public in March of 2021. The foundation was created in honor of Brandon Alexander Gomez, a child who was known for his charisma, gratitude, generosity, and love towards others. Brandon tragically passed away last June of 2020 in a motorized vehicle accident at only 9 years old. 

Many families have experienced similar events. This is why the Brandon Alexander Foundation aims to help, engage, and provide mentorship opportunities to children who are parentless, as well as parents who have lost their children. Many parentless children may develop problems such as deprivation of social life, anxiety, depression, low self-esteem, and/or sleeping and eating disorders as a result of lacking a parent. In order to assist and promote the wellbeing of children, the Brandon Alexander Foundation conducts monthly exercises, activities, and events. 

“Our final goal is for all the children involved in our organization to establish a positive and lifelong relationship with one another,” states Anthony, “Tony” Gómez, Brandon’s father and Founder of the organization. 

The foundation has a busy schedule this year in order to achieve its mission. This includes four major initiatives, the first of which is “Play, Laugh & Live Like Brandon,” which consists of weekend gatherings where parentless children are able to spend time with other children and adults. Similar to what Brandon Alexander enjoyed as a kid, children will have the opportunity to share, play, and interact with others. Brandon also deeply enjoyed sports, hence, the second initiative is a Sports & Activities Mentorship that allows children and families to bond and establish relationships. The third initiative is Community Enrichment, with the aim of helping rebuild the community and help families in need. The last initiative is “Spread the Love,” which includes donation centers with “Fresh Like Brandon” boxes that have fresh outfits and health, learning, and fun items to be shipped out to children in need across the U.S., the Caribbean, and Central and South America. 

The Brandon Alexander Foundation is unique in its reason to exist. While the foundation came about from a tragic accident, it inspires other people to better their lives. Furthermore, they are unique in that they give back to their community – whether you are a volunteer, a donor, or a business sponsor, the foundation rewards those who help them through fun gifts and surprises. 

“We are all doing a part in helping others and creating a better future for everyone.  Our reason to exist is unique in what happened for us to exist (the loss of a child) and how we turned tragedy and sorrow into hope and giving through love. The Brandon Alexander Foundation is on a mission to help children and adults under very difficult circumstances through a unique focus on sharing, mentoring, bonding, and care,” states Tony. 

While the loss of Brandon was a devastating experience, the foundation allows for the opportunity to make an impact on the community. This is a perfect example of the value of mindset, as it can set you in the right direction in the face of adversity and difficult moments such as the loss of a child. 

“Whatever you tell yourself will influence your actions and the path you take. You need to have a balanced mindset, one that allows you to see and envision large goals, but also keeps your feet on the ground by staying focused on the little details that need to happen for the bigger ones to be possible,” states Tony. 

It is through this mindset that Tony keeps pushing forward despite his son’s passing, so that he can help others who have unfortunately had to experience similar situations. As a non-profit organization, the foundation relies on its community and support from others. Individuals can support their work and help their mission through an array of activities including donating children’s clothing, buying online raffle tickets, becoming a sponsor, volunteering time, or sharing their story through social media. 

The foundation will celebrate its first fundraising event, a Drive By Auto and Bike Show! During the event, they will give away a custom Dirt Bike and a huge surprise to the winner of a raffle that is already up and running.  

This auto show was created as a way to fundraise and bring the car and bike community together.That’s why we created “Brandon’s Toy car” , a custom Subaru. Crosstrek & Yamaha 450yz the ultimate off road vehicle straight out of brandon’s imagination this cool combination are part of our yearly raffle of a bike and car at our non profit fundraising event

We would like to invite you to get involved and help us create a better future for children and families under very difficult circumstances through a unique focus on sharing, mentoring, bonding, and care. You can benefit in multiple ways, 

The drive by show is a designated route  area for  show attendants with cool cars and bikes  to drive by and  showcase their cars to show attendants from the Start line where all cameras are on you in our live online event here you can donate and continue slowly in our designated route all the way to the end or exit and see the auto show where you can vote for ur favorite car and bikes 

Register Your Bike Or Car, For A Chance To Win On The Following:

Most Fresh Exotic

Most Fresh Jdm

Most Fresh American Muscle

Most Fresh sport / cruiser Bike

Most Fresh Club

Most Goofy Car

Most fresh Food truck

Most fresh off road car 

Register And Receive Event Show Sticker And Raffle Ticket

Category Winners Will Have Trophy And Special Gifts

“At the Fresh Like Brandon Clothes Drive, Auto and Bike Show you can bring your car, bring your family, and bring your kids clothes and help us Spread the love”

Sponsorship & Event areas 

Today you have the Opportunity to support our work and receive benefits such as Media Exposure & Much More as Maryland washington and Virginia Re-opens Our organisation is looking at  Businesses to become a sponsor for the biggest non profit event in the region we are expected to have over 1500 cars and motorcycles and thousands of attendees with huge sponsors in the area. This will help  local Business and non profit organisations 

Packages starting from $500.00 (100% tax deductible)

Car & bike corral:  cars and bikes  for sale in this area (showcase ur ride to hundreds of spectators 

Kids area : this area it’s for kids to play and parents to rest 

Food area: this area all food vendors will sell their food

Car & bike store: here will be the biggest swap meet in the area you can swap or sale 

Sponsor area: here all businesses sponsors will have their stations to showcase their expertise 

Spread the love area: this area will have our non profit friends free of charge for any non profit

Fresh car smell area; this area new car dealerships can showcase their cool cars

Spectators areas : this areas will have a great view of the drive by show

Sanitation stations: this areas will have free hand sanitizer and sanitation item

And many surprises and special guests stay tuned for location and exact date 

You can visit through the website to learn more about how to join and win.

For sponsorship & Auto Show Information: 

TEXT “FRESH” (406)301-5086

You can learn more about the Brandon Alexander Foundation and their work by visiting their website here