Stephania Pedraza Is Helping Individuals and Families Across The U.S. Transform Their Credit Scores

Stephania Pedraza is the CEO and founder of Platinum Credit Resolutions, a professional credit restoration company based in Houston, Texas that helps its clients remove all negative and inaccurate reporting accounts in order to effectively rebuild their credit scores. Stephania decided to start her own credit repair company after she had her own personal realizations as she tried to build her credit. While she was paying to collection agencies to improve her credit, this never really had an effect on her credit score, which made her feel like she was throwing away her money. Because of this, she set on a path to help other people avoid these types of situations and not make the same mistakes as she did. 

Stephania has a deep passion for helping others and, as such, has dedicated herself to helping her clients reach their financial goals and achieve their dreams. By mastering the strategies necessary to restore a credit file in record time, she has been able to help clients rebuild their credit scores like no one else out there. Through Stephania’s efforts, her company, Platinum Credit Resolutions, has successfully become one of Houston’s top credit repair companies in a very short period of time. She prides herself on being able to transform her clients’ credit and help them make their dream purchases.

As we all know, Covid-19 shocked the world from all standpoints. This forced Stephania and her team to make adjustments in the company, including transitioning to virtual as many other businesses did. While this brought its own set of challenges, Stephania and her team of strong and hard working individuals were able to figure out how to help people during the stressful financial times brought on by the pandemic. 

“My biggest goal for 2021 was to help as many families & individuals as I could nationwide reach their goal if it was either to buy a house, buy a new car or even just have an amazing credit score. Every year we are growing tremendously, thanks to my team and results!,” states Stephania. 

Before the end of this year, Stephania plans to end with over 5,000 clients graduating from the Platinum Credit Resolutions program, and then double this number for next year. Hence, Stephania and her team continue to work relentlessly in order to transform the lives of more and more individuals and families across the nation. 

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