Sheree Wright is A Lawyer, Activist, and Much More Who is Helping Marginalized Groups in Arizona and New Mexico.

For many people in America, racism is an unfortunate part of their everyday lives. Whether it is professionally, personally, or interacting with systems that are inadvertently racist, systematic racism can have real and harsh impacts on someone’s life. 

This was the case for Sheree Wright. Sheree, a determined and ambitious immigrant originally from the picturesque island of Jamaica and raised in a small town in Illinois, had a terrible experience with racism first hand that changed the course of her life forever. The incident was the public execution of one of her classmate’s fathers at the hands of a white nationalist. 

However traumatic this moment was for Sheree, it was also a catalyst in her life. She realized that injustice was all around her and that very few people were going to do anything about it. Instead of letting it crush her, she decided to embark on a journey of empowerment for herself and others.

While pursuing her bachelor’s degree at DePaul University in Chicago, Sheree served as an investigator alongside the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC). This put Sheree even more on her path towards creating more equality and justice in addition to developing her sense of duty to advocate for those in marginalized communities. 

“My main focus there was to investigate cases that involved employment discrimination on the basis of age, race, sex, gender, or disabilities in Fortune 500 companies,” Sheree recounts.

These moments hardened Sheree’s commitment to empowerment. Though it took her away from Chicago, Sheree went on to pursue her law degree in Arizona. Her commitment to advancing equality remained unbreakable. During her time in law school, she took the initiative to co-establish The Wright Way Foundation.

“The foundation seeks to reduce poverty and homelessness while generating and providing educational resources necessary to support youths, families, groups, and educators in Jamaica,” Sheree states.

However, this is not the end to what Sheree does. Sheree is also an esteemed founder of IBF Law Group. Located in Phoenix Arizona and serving people in both Arizona and New Mexico, IBF Law Group is a respected law firm known for its commitment to assisting marginalized communities in navigating the complexities of the legal system. Driven by a persistent dedication to social justice, IBF Law Group diligently advocates for the rights of minorities, offering comprehensive legal support and expert guidance to ensure fair outcomes in their legal battles.

As founder, Sheree is resolute in her mission to address the pressing issue of inadequate representation and limited diversity within Arizona’s court system, recognizing that this critical matter hinders the system’s ability to administer equitable and unbiased justice.

“Arizona’s judges are disproportionately white and male, which undoubtedly, threatens the court’s ability to deliver fair and impartial justice,” Sheree explains.

Even with all of this on her plate, Sheree still has time to give back even more to the community she now resides in. Sheree is an integral part in a group called Mi Familia Vota, a prominent national organization dedicated to creating a more inclusive and participatory society. 

As a dedicated volunteer, Sheree goes above and beyond to advocate for social and economic justice, showcasing her unshakable dedication.

To find out more about Sheree, follow her on instagram here and check out her website for IBF here.