Sheka Johnson Has Always Been Able to Manifest Her Goals through Her Powerful Mindset. Now, She is Sharing What Helped Create that Success. Find Out More Below.

Sheka Johnson is an entrepreneur unlike any other. What she has that distinguishes her from others is her ability to manifest her dreams and make them into something real and tangible. In other words, doing anything that she sets her mind to. In fact, it is her mindset that has helped put her over the top in her career.

“Mindset is important in entrepreneurship because you have to have a different way of thinking to yield success. It’s almost like being in a world of your own. You will manifest whatever you’re thinking (positive or negative thoughts), so being in a positive mindset is important,” Sheka explains.

Sheka is a business coach and consultant focusing on businesses run by people of color. For her, a main goal is to assist people who have trouble in the business world normally due to a number of factors and obstacles.

“The wealth gap among people of color, especially women of color, was what motivated me to start this business. It is very important to educate and assist individuals about finance, investments, etc. I help them to prepare their mindset so that they are able to receive information needed to make a difference in their businesses and families. The lack of money causes a lot of problems in my community. Building and sustaining generational wealth is important,” Sheka details.

In addition to having a positive mindset and being able to do anything she sets her mind to, Sheka also benefits from the positive mindset and mentality by teaching it to the many people that she helps every day. In her work, she explains that the right mentality can be the difference between success and failure.

“Your mindset will determine your ability to manifest success and money. A mindset shift could be the difference between staying in poverty or becoming wealthy. Your mindset determines the difference between economic statuses. IE: ( Poverty level, middle class, upper middle class and wealthy.) Your thoughts form who and what you become. Money will give you more leverage over your competitors. Money is needed to grow and scale your business,” Sheka states.

However, Sheka’s journey has not been without obstacles. She also had to learn to believe in herself. At first, her shyness became an obstacle to her success, but she believed more in her talent. She was able to overcome the reserved side after working and proving to herself that her dreams were very much possible.

“Overcoming being too reserved has allowed me to meet and be in rooms of people with financial and social influences. This will have you in a better business network. (Your network equals your networth). This will cause you to be in the company of like minded individuals,” Sheka remarks.

She has been able to overcome everything through her powerful outlook on life and an even more indomitable mentality. She has many other incredible plans for the future including a Money, mindset and manifestation workshop for female entrepreneurs.

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