One of two missing fisherman found alive after boat disappears off Washington coast

A fisherman who went missing two weeks ago was found alive in a life raft off the Washington coast, the US Coast Guard said.

A Good Samaritan vessel located the missing mariner some 70 miles (112km) northwest of Cape Flattery on 26 October.

A second person aboard the missing boat has still not been found.

The vessel left Grays Harbor in Washington state on 12 October on Evening, a 43-foot ship.

It was intended to return on 15 October, according to the Coast Guard.

The rescued fisherman was transported to shore and is reported to be in a stable condition, the Coast Guard said.

Officials did not name the rescuers, but NBC affiliate TV channel King-TV identified them as Ryan Planes and his uncle John from Sooke, a town on Vancouver island in British Columbia.

Mr Planes said: “I saw what looked like a life raft in the distance and ran inside and put the binoculars on him and then he shot off a flare.”

“We pulled him on board. He gave me a big hug and it was emotional,” his uncle added.

The pair who were out with friends on a fishing trip said the fisherman told them he was alone on the raft for 13 days.

He told the men he caught a salmon and ate it to survive.