Mike Pence calls for ‘new US leadership’ and support for Israel until Hamas is ‘destroyed’

The former US vice president, Mike Pence, has told Sky News that America needs new leadership, and that the country should promise support for Israel until Hamas is “destroyed once and for all”.

Appearing to take aim at his former boss – Donald Trump – under whom he served until they fell out as the January 6 riots at the US Capitol broke out in 2021 – Mr Pence said he wants voters to have a “fresh choice”.

“I think we need new leadership, but I’m going to look for ways that I can do my part to see that the Republican Party gives the American people a better choice,” he told Wilfred Frost on Sky News.

“A fresh choice and a new beginning. I’ll keep you posted on my position in the days ahead.”

Mr Trump is favorite to be Joe Biden’s opponent again in this November’s election, and the president warned earlier this week his potential opponent is “willing to sacrifice our democracy”.

It came as the US Supreme Court agreed to hear Mr Trump’s appeal over Colorado’s decision to disqualify him from its presidential primary elections.

Asked if democracy is at risk, Mr Pence told Sky News he has “great confidence” that US voters will “come together”.

“It’s my hope – and frankly, it’s my prayer – that we as Republicans will give the American people better choices to offer a new leadership,” said Mr Pence, who suspended his own campaign in October last year.

“As I said many times back when I was a candidate for president, I think different times call for different leadership.

“And while I know many of the pundits have already decided how things are going to work out, the American people have a funny way of making up their own mind.”

If Mr Trump does ultimately become the Republican nominee, Mr Pence said he “simply can’t support Mr Biden’s re-election” as an alternative.