Lina Caballero Designs is a Beautiful Jewelry Brand that Revolutionized The Paris Fashion Week: Learn More about the Designer Behind It

The Paris Fashion Week is quite an event. Hundreds of designers meet in the French capital to present their new and innovative designs. Chanel, Jean-Paul Gaultier, Valentino and Christian Dior are just some of the renowned brands that present their creations every season. This year Lina Caballero conquered the catwalk with her spectacular jewels.

Lina is a Colombian designer based in New York, creator of Lina Caballero Designs. She handcrafts each piece in her studio, with the highest quality materials and always guaranteeing the seal of excellence that characterizes her. Her designs are creative and very beautiful, which has led her to widespread success.

It all began when Lina started to design her jewels at home, for herself and her friends. Little by little she realized that people admired her pieces, so she kept going for more and then Lina Caballero Designs was born. Since little Lina had had a good eye for fashion, she also had a lot of confidence in herself and her style and dreamed of creating pieces that women like her could wear. Now she’s living her dream.

On October 2nd, Lina participated in the Paris Fashion Week with her beautiful jewels. She presented designs created especially for the Pedro Juan Atelier collection. The runway was a total success and was well received by the public, who loved Lina’s beautiful and creative designs.

“Going to Paris Fashion Week is the dream of every designer, being able to reach the biggest catwalks such as those in Paris and New York. I was able to fulfill it and I feel absolute happiness, it is indescribable,” Lina mentions.

The designer also participated in the New York Fashion Week in 2021, but in a more informal way. Her designs had the same impact in NY: they caused sensation for its originality, beauty and high quality. Her style combines diamonds, pop of color, mixed metals and edgy shapes for the contemporanean women.

Lina is inspired by the professional, hard-working, contemporary and independent woman, just as she is. She transmits all these qualities to all who wear her jewelry worldwide.

Of course, not everything has been easy. Behind each runway there are many dreams, work, illusion and even a bit of madness. Lina has worked hard on her brand to get to where she is today: a world-renowned designer. For her, one of the most difficult challenges that entrepreneurs face when creating their own business is the financial part and knowing how to reach their target.

“I stand out from other jewelry brands because all my designs contain all my effort, all my love and all my soul. In each of my pieces there is a piece of me”, adds Lina.

What the designer enjoyed the most at the Paris Fashion Week was being able to expose her brand and show the world what Lina Caballero designs is. Next year she plans to attend the Milan Fashion Week, a project she is already working hard on.

“A word of advice to all the designers out there: don’t give up. You have to fight for what you want. Of course there are obstacles, but we have to keep going. Don’t give up on the way,” Lina advises.

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