Kristina Centnere And Her Business, SocialCow Are Changing The Way We Think About Marketing By Focusing On The Way We Think!

Understanding the trends and likes of people on social media has been the goal of numerous companies across the globe. Combining data on people’s profiles, having them take surveys, and many other tactics have been employed to try and fully understand what attracts people to what ads and what works and what doesn’t. This is making many people look to the drawing board for new ideas. SocialCow, led by Kristina Centnere, is one of these companies that decided to try something new when it came to marketing and understanding trends.

“I am the founder and lead strategist of SocialCow – a digital and neuromarketing agency that helps wellness-related businesses grow strategically. We work with both local medical practices and wellness brands nationwide,” Kristina explains.

Their goal, as stated by their website, is to get the right brands in front of the right customers. SocialCow offers multiple services for different kinds of businesses. The first service they offer is medical marketing. They implement healthcare marketing methods customized to put your practice in front of your ideal patients. They also offer influencer marketing strategies that seek to keep up with current trends like influencer loop giveaway campaigns which can increase followers easily into the triple digits. These services, amongst others, are made for influencers of all kinds.

“There are two main differentiators with us from our competition: We focus heavily on strategy. We don’t just want to know what you’re selling and who you’re selling it to, but why they would buy from you. From there, we build a targeted plan that puts each client’s differentiator in the spotlight. We use a comprehensive marketing plan that not only includes digital services such as social media, search engine optimization and paid ads but deep analytics including session recording and behavior analysis on websites,” Kristina remarks.

Kristina had always been interested in marketing trends and how people made decisions. Even early on in her career working at local restaurants, she was constantly on the lookout for inclinations into how people were thinking. This led her to create her business.

“Even when I was working at jobs like Panera Bread, I paid attention to the processes, customer service and marketing that made the business run. I quickly realized that I was much more productive when I could make my own schedule and work from my choice of venue. And most importantly, I had something unique to offer to the world.

I started social media marketing in 2010, when it was just starting to be used by businesses. In fact, many thought it was useless at the time. The innovative minds that were my clients knew otherwise – and it paid off big! I have self-studied consumer psychology since I started my agency and in 2019, decided to delve into neuromarketing as a way to refine our client’s campaigns. After all, so much of marketing is guesswork. Neuromarketing helps narrow it down. It has been revolutionary to our clients for whom we have implemented it,” Kristina states.

Kristina and SocialCow have big plans as they continue to grow. They are excited to help more businesses and create effective marketing campaigns for all of their clients. To find out more about Kristina and her work, follow her on Instagram here and check out her website here.