Ishmael and Rochelle are a Power Couple Who have Mastered Business and are Sharing their Advice In Their New Coaching Business.

Ishmael Wilson and his wife Rochelle are experts in the field of entrepreneurship. They would often get requests for help and advice from many people around them. This led them to an idea: what if they could formally coach and help those people in a way unlike before. This is the story of Success Geeks.

“We started Success Geeks out of response to our community asking for expert coaching and mentoring utilizing the success blueprint we have followed as 6-Figure- plus entrepreneurs and career professionals. Ishmael and Rochelle were getting these requests separately and thus we decided to start a company that would be an answer to this problem. It also gave us an opportunity to leverage our time and resources by starting one company versus two separate companies,” Ishmael explains.

Ishmael and Rochelle got their start in business running a unique eco-friendly black-owend multi-site dry cleaners in the United States called Fresh. This business has taken off because of Ishmael and Rochelle’s ability to distinguish themselves out from others in the business.

“Our competitive difference is we focus on quality over quantity.  Volume is not our initial goal.  Our initial goal is satisfying one customer, so they will tell their sphere of influence about our services and we duplicate the same for the next.  That coupled with expert stain removal, quality care, and outstanding customer service, I believe is a sure win in this industry.  We don’t want to be known as a cleaners who can simply clean your clothes.  We want to be known as a dry cleaners who cares about your experience and will do our best to make sure that every experience is one that you will want to repeat over and over again,” Rochelle details.

What makes them so successful in their entrepreneurial pursuits is the same reason that Rochelle and Ishmael are uniquely qualified to help others achieve the same goals. Ishmael and Rochelle Wilson are poised and positioned as a power couple in business and ministry to pioneer a movement of successful career and entrepreneurial leaders around the world.

“Our primary goal is to teach the entrepreneur and the career professional how to increase their financial bottom line by leveraging multiple streams of income. We create personalized blueprints for each of us to ensure that we have a targeted plan of action that helps them reach their personal benchmarks.” Ishamel states.

One of their clients was able to work part during the pandemic and still make millions of dollars just by following in the path that Rochelle and Ishmael laid out for them. Their latest project is an exciting new adventure that they are offering for all those interested in getting involved.

“We just recently launched our newest program called The Believer’s Millionaires Collective, an exclusive and intensive coaching and mentorship program by the Success Geeks. It is our top tier program offering,” Rochelle says.

To find out more about Ishmael and Rochelle, check out their website here.