Even at 41, Claudienne Hibbert Smith is a Real Estate Professional Who Does Not Fear Taking High Risk: She Moved On From Her 20-Year Real Estate Co. to Exp Realty, and Has Already Set New Standards.

Claudienne Hibbert Smith is a real estate professional who focuses on buyers and sellers, real estate coaching, health and expansion! After working for 20 years in the same company, she very recently was able to move on to Exp Realty, and is proof that you can always change and take risks no matter what.

Just a few months ago, in March 2021, I decided that I wanted to go from good to great and that is why I aligned myself with a company in which I could have a global impact: Exp Realty. Since partnering with Exp, I have been able to expand my business in 11 states and 1 country.” Claudienne shares.

Even at 41, Claudienne is still taking big risks. She says that she has been able to achieve in just 90 days, what she was not able to achieve in 20 years: to actually expand. She was only located in Florida, but now she has expanded to California, Nevada, Oklahoma, Missouri, Mississippi, Georgia, New York and Michigan to name a few.

By achieving such a partnership, Claudienne gained a number of benefits such as earning up to 100% commission. It is the only partnership that allows real estate agents the ability to own a stake in the company through stock shares. Another important aspect is that Exp Realty is constantly innovating through the use of technology.

We are a cloud-based company with the most advanced technology. We have no overhead.” She explains.

But it was not always easy for Claudienne. She gave birth to her son at the age of 14. Despite having gone through complex situations when she was in her teens, she did not give up hope and was able to emerge in the world of real estate as one of the biggest and best in her industry.

After earning her degree from the University of Florida, Claudienne began her 20-year partnership with the Keyes Company where she was very successful from the start.

I always wanted to make a lot of money so I could help a lot of people, so this industry was like a dream come true. In 2001, I became a licensed real estate agent in the State of Florida. During my first year, I was able to produce Multi millions and took off. I was associated with the Keyes Company for 20 years and as I moved up the charts I became the number 5 realtor alongside my team out of 4,000 agents.” Claudienne shares.

As time went on, she became more and more prominent as with her skills and increasing sales she was able to grow rapidly. Thanks to her success, Claudienne created the Hibbert Real Estate Consultants Group where her team serves buyers and sellers in both the residential and commercial sectors. Likewise, Claudienne also invests in real estate by buying and leasing properties through her company, CH Enterprises, LLC. 

With just 90 days in Exp Realty, she has already been awarded the Sprint Award twice, once in April and then again in August 2021. 

Claudienne has created new standards in Exp Realty as she is on her way to become one of the fastest growing realtors in the company. At the moment, she is focusing on training and expanding.

Moving forward, Claudienne’s hope is to help people take her two decades of experience and collapse it into just a couple of years. She has the right tools and leadership to help others increase their sales, become realtors and scale their businesses.

While the COVID-19 pandemic was negative for many companies, those who were able to adapt to the new circumstances and conditions arising have managed to rescue positive things. This was Claudienne’s case.

COVID was a gift and a curse. For a whole year, we all had to make adjustments: we were forced to do business digitally, which allowed me to see that I could grow quickly and rapidly even without being physically in my office. I think before the pandemic people were afraid of Exp Realty because we were stuck in our own way believing we couldn’t function digitally. It’s really the way of the world.” Claudienne says.

The alignment made with Exp Realty has given Claudienne’s career new strength and momentum and she is now setting new goals and reaching new highs. 

I want to expand in every state and expand in every country. I want to take the two decades of experience I have and help the next realtor collapse the decades in 2-3 years. I believe that with the new innovative platform with Exp Realty, I will be able to impact and inspire!” Claudienne states.

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