Empowering Your Sales Mindset: Unveiling the Maximum Sales Experience with Matthew Footner

Matthew Footner is a sales expert with 30 years of experience who has discovered the secret to living a life of abundance. He has gone from being a financial advisor to creating revolutionary products and earning millions in annual revenue. His strong commitment to client satisfaction, honesty, and a winning mindset have allowed him to harness the secrets of the top 1% of sales professionals.

Matt’s first venture, the FX AI Income Solution, came from his experiences as a Financial Advisor in Brussels, Abu Dhabi, and Tokyo. He wanted to provide clients with what they truly desired – transparency, easy access to cash, and decent investment returns. Matt realized that modern technology, particularly Artificial Intelligence, could redefine the landscape of traditional financial services.

The FX AI Income Solution is an innovative product that allows individuals to live entirely on passive income. Its remarkable success is evidence to Matt’s philosophy of providing exceptional client service, offering an average return of 7% per month. This product’s most remarkable feature is that only clients can access their cash, not Matt or any regular broker, demonstrating its success and explaining why it thrives solely on referrals.

“This allowed me to develop a model for people who want to lead a fully passive income lifestyle. Where they can travel and still earn, they can lie on a beach and still earn, during COVID when we were all off work, the passive income took the stress from parents, husbands, wives, and their families.” Matthew mentions.

After decades of refining his skills in the competitive sales world, Matt created an app that could distill the essence of motivational literature and empower ambitious individuals to reach seven figures annually. Maximum Sales is more than just an app – it’s a mentor, a guide, and a companion for individuals aspiring to achieve peak sales performance year after year.

This app not only provides quick motivational boosts but also offers a comprehensive range of over 50 audios. These audios include deep hypnosis sessions and impactful messages featuring renowned figures like Tony Robbins and Oprah. The aim is to instill winning messages in subconscious and conscious minds. Maximum Sales serves as a tool for those who aspire to join the 1% club of high-achieving individuals.

With just 30 minutes of daily motivational fixes and hypnosis sessions, Maximum Sales helps users to overcome mental blocks and foster a resilient mindset. Clients can choose from free access or subscription-based options to dive deeper into transformative content and unlock their sales performance.

As a former salesman in the financial advisor markets, Matt recognized the importance of mindset in achieving extraordinary success.

A winning mindset can be built,” Matthew emphasizes. 

As Matt diversifies his portfolio, delving into ventures like luxury yacht investments and restaurant concepts around Brussels, London, Paris, and Milan, he remains true to his philosophy of creating products he would use and be proud to put his name on. His ongoing projects reflect a commitment to innovation and addressing contemporary needs.

Matthew’s story is not just about financial success; it’s a narrative of resilience, innovation, and a relentless pursuit of a life well-lived. His journey from financial advisor to global entrepreneur inspires those seeking to navigate the ever-evolving landscape of business and mindset mastery. 

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