Achieving Excellence in Life and Business with Super Athlete CEO

Chase Jackson’s story is a fascinating blend of two extraordinary domains: sports coaching and business expertise. He’s deeply committed to empowering individuals to know their maximum potential.

“There is a secret tactic that most Top Athletes, Elite CEOs, and other high performers share; they have a team of world-class coaches working for them, and we are providing the same thing.” Chase shares.

With his team of world-class coaches, who have been guiding elite athletes to victory in championships and securing Gold Medals for several decades, their combined wealth of experience and knowledge is at the forefront of the SuperAthlete platform.

SuperAthlete is a human performance company; it’s like having a $1.5 million team that helps you achieve your goals with great advice and personalized attention. With a unique approach that combines daily coaching with personalized data, including comprehensive assessments like blood work, gene testing, and Dexa scans, efficiently achieving unmatched and remarkable results.

Their services cover coaching calls, hormone optimization, V02 max testing, anti-aging solutions, weight loss, and muscle gain, alongside mentoring for brain fog elimination, resilience training, and stress management, which Chase believes is essential to conquering success.

Chase emphasizes the role of metrics and data in the lives of high-performing individuals, and his team meticulously tracks every detail; they test again quarterly to follow trends in personal records, body composition, fat loss, and strength gain. Just as businesses rely on key performance indicators to measure success, individuals can apply the same principle to their achievements. 

This combination of personalized data with world-class coaching services provides an experience that no other company in the market has. SuperAthlete uses unique information to help clients meet their specific goals. This allows their clients to let go of the unessential and concentrate intensely on what genuinely counts, allowing them to become faster, stronger, and more confident than ever before. 

Working with mentors who coached the World’s Best Athletes opened Chase’s eyes to the mental and physical practices that could benefit everyone. 

“I am a firm believer that our physiology drives our psychology. The better we feel physically, the better we can perform in whatever It is that we do.” Chase emphasizes.

Chase’s motivation to start with SuperAtlethe was his previous experience of coaching the best athletes and being the CEO of numerous companies within the human performance space. He understood that our bodies are our resumes, he saw that as people got stronger physically, they also became more powerful in their businesses and with their families. He explains that being physically fit makes people alert, focused, and resilient.

When asked about his future projects, Chase shares that he aims to continue growing the SuperAtlethe training camp, their primary offering, in which the team treats each client as a professional athlete.

The other project is starting with the SuperAthlete School, which is not a typical high-performance coaching program but more of a comprehensive plan for young athletes and their parents. For young athletes, they lay out a roadmap to help them achieve their athletic dreams, and as Chase believes in leading by example, the goal is to help parents use their time to get into the best physical condition of their lives; this holistic approach transforms young athletes and entire families. 

Chase is also working on the SuperAtlhete radio, one of the fastest-growing podcasts in the Health and Performance space; the plan is to keep investing in improving and providing the highest amount of Education and entertainment to the audience.

His goal is to excel in all aspects of a successful business, from AI to customer service in all the areas of SuperAthlete. Chase’s mission to empower people worldwide is to use sports and business for growth and development; with his platform, they give back 8% of profits to help underserved athletes worldwide get the needed resources. 

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